Your new hardwood flooring could last forever

The best floor covering for many homeowners is the one that lasts the longest. And hardwood flooring is a perfect choice, with lifespans that can reach and exceed 100 years or more. It's an excellent choice for every room, with the attributes you care about most.

Visual integrity is a constant throughout this product line, with beautiful customizations. But you can choose materials that perform well under pressure too. So, it makes sense to learn more about these materials and how they could serve you.

Stunning and timeless visuals

Wood floors have always been a part of elegant spaces such as lodges, high-end homes, etc. But now, you can bring those looks into your own home with outstanding results. Choose colors, species types, textures, and more, to create a look that caters to your decor.

Trendy options are top-rated and include the beachy, whitewashed look. But you might choose a variable-width flooring for sheer uniqueness. There's a perfect visual in hardwood flooring for your home.

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You'll appreciate the durability of hardwood flooring

Species choice plays a big part in both solid and engineered wood flooring. It can decide much of the performance and lifespan right from the start. The busier your space, the harder the species should be.

Engineered products are more durable in damp, humid spaces. That means it's a better surface in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, these materials can last up to 30 years with a professional installation.

The importance of acclimation

Before your wood floors are ready to install, they must undergo an acclimation process. This can last from one to three days and is necessary for the best performance. In addition, it equalizes humidity levels in the flooring for peace of mind after installation.

Acclimation means you never have to worry about splitting or cracking after installation. Continue to maintain your floors for the best performance in every room. You can even use area rugs and runners for added protection from wear.
Hardwood flooring in Bellingham, WA from The Curated Home

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