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What are my carpet fiber choices?

As you upgrade your home with carpet flooring, you'll find plenty of choices. Fiber choice is one of those options, and there are several to choose from to create your best results.

There are other ways to create an outstanding remodel, but you’ll want to focus on species to start. Here are some facts about why it’s so important, especially in a busy household.

What fibers are available?

When you want carpet, you should know that fiber is important. Some are more durable, some are softer, and some last longer than others.

Here are a few examples of carpet flooring fiber choices and what they can do for you. Compare this information with your needs to find the best fit.

– One of the most often purchased carpeting fibers, which offers excellent resilience to alleviate matting and wear damage. This fiber lasts longer than most, especially when built-in stain protection is included.

– This is another common choice for homeowners looking for lavish carpeting that offers beautiful color and an eco-friendly profile. The color is fade-resistant, but you should avoid placing it in high-traffic areas.

– Here is an all-natural fiber choice from our carpet store that's durable and long-lasting when installed in the right places. In addition, you'll find no chemicals, so allergens are very unlikely.

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