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Tile flooring: Trendy installation layouts for you

Choosing the perfect tile flooring includes picking a layout that works for you and your household. Trendy designs can add another layer of perfection to your décor scheme and new flooring installation.

So, which layouts are best for your home? Here are some guidelines to consider as you shop for your layout and trend matches.

What are your tile layout choices?

The customizations available in this flooring line are endless and include personalized designs that precisely match your needs. Or you could opt for a more familiar design throughout the industry trends and standards.

There are plenty of possibilities at our tile store when it comes to choosing an installation layout pattern. Here are only a few of them:

· Staggered or offset
· Herringbone
· Grid
· Pinwheel or hopscotch
· Versailles
· Random

How long does it take to install unique layouts?

The installation time will vary when installing specialized layouts for your new tile. Some factors that can change the installation time include the size of the project, special archaeological features such as staircases, and the size of the tile you choose.

Once you select a product, design, and personal preferences, we'll estimate the tile flooring price and time for a complete installation. If you have questions about the materials, services, or anything else, ask your associate while you're here.

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