Consider these flooring trends

Consider these flooring trends

If you want trendy new floors, you should know there are plenty of choices in various flooring lines. Each product offers extensive visuals, including the most popular designs, colors, and formats.

Learning more about what's available is a great way to find your perfect match for any room. Here are some trends to consider as you shop for your ideal flooring.

Carpet flooring trends

Carpet flooring is plush, comfortable, and perfect for warming any room. If you’re looking for the best carpet trends, consider neutral choices like gray, blue, and beige.

Multicolor products are also popular, and our flooring company helps match various décor schemes. But you'll also want to look at bold designs and animal prints for unique visuals in essential areas.

Hardwood flooring trends

Light stain colors are trendy in the hardwood flooring and wood look product lines. Whitewashed visuals are also trending and work in rustic, modern, and farmhouse settings.

Take time to consider random width and herringbone installation options, as well as wide plank formats. Each trend will last a lifetime, keeping you current and stylish.

Tile flooring trends

For your new floors, you can expect trends with impressive motifs in tile flooring, such as Moroccan and Arabesque visual schemes. But wood and stone look products are also popular, offering unique colors, designs, and formats.

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